Why you should date Argentinian ladies

argentinian-womenThe general concept of South American women is fair to sum up in one word: Exotic. But in reality, if you look closer, they are very down-to-earth and alive human beings. Argentinian people throughout the history of the country preferred Europe and remained very pro-European in many aspects of life, unlike its South American neighbors that were more New World oriented. And the women as well.

Argentina was influenced by almost each nation in Europe. Dating Argentinian women maintain many Italian and Spanish traditions and are proud of the cultural heritage. There also is some of British and some of German flavor.

Another powerful aspect of South American (and in particular Argentinian) ladies is the mixing of native Indian with European ancestry. And although the historical background of such mix was initially not very friendly, today every ladies man can enjoy himself communicating and interacting with women from Argentine.

Argentinian ladies are rich in terms of contents of their inner world. They are rich and they are open and generous. If you like good food, cultural richness and individuality, Argentinian woman is for you. Argentinian woman is not naturally overly friendly or open by default. You have to befriend her first. They can act very heartily afterwards though.

When you hear “The lady from Argentina”, it is a synonym to grace, precision, a bit of strictness and procedure, classical understanding of beauty and class. Lighter and softer side of Argentinian women is synonymous of fun and celebrations. And of course the much spoken of Argentinian romance and passion in its most obvious form – the famous tango. The Argentinian girls are very gentle, so you have to pick your words when you speak to her for the first time .

As a country Argentina’s nature is what we can call fluid – less affected by humans, less boisterous and more reserved (in a way) than in neighborly Brazil. Due to climate type and not so dense population Argentinian grass is still the best for cattle and water sources are still pure. This finds its display in women too, who are very balanced and harmonious. They love nature, they enjoy spending time outside of cities and they are very eco-conscious.

Argentinian women like the slower, calmer pace of life. They appreciate spending time with friends in cafes with tables outside, right on the street and people reading the newspaper for hours as they prolong a coffee cup or a cigarette, or visiting hidden, almost somber bars offering delightful cuisine with small groups of friends bantering in a low voice at each table.women-from-argentine

The education level of Argentinian women is generally high and they enjoy art and the esthetic nature of things. They just love roaming used book shops, as reading is a popular pastime.

The one aspect of their life that many underappreciate is how religious the women of Argentina are. They are devout Catholics and very traditional in that regards. So if you’re into religion – that is the right fit for you. If not, however, worry not, they are quite tolerant. Just show some respect to her beliefs – and you will rub along just fine.

The one feature that Argentinian girls are obsessed with is the perfection. You rarely see their belly exceeding its natural proportions as they are generally very avid sport lovers. Not only do they engage in various sports activities themselves, but what’s of colossal importance – all of them are indeed immense football fans. That capacity alone makes an Argentinian woman a real treasure!