What things attract foreigners in Russian women?

The crucial mistake in this issue that girls think they can give this thing that the men are looking for, and that’s it the job is done, happy end they are married and can relax from doing anything till the rest of their lives. Everything is not that easy of course. In the first place, when you know what men are looking for, and if you do not have that something initially than no matter what you do you will never be able to get it. Second of all, often men, same as women do not know what they want at all, or they think that they know, but in reality their desires are not clear at all, in the majority of cases, their requirements have the ability to keep adding, and the man in the following circumstances should correct them. Besides that, the majority of qualities seek by men, in this or that period of time is present in each kind of woman.

There is an impression that foreigners are not looking for something certain in a Russian woman, or something extraordinary, they are looking for something that practically each woman is able to provide them with. There are certain requirements that men usually write about in their profiles, such as the most important thing they look for is love, they want to love and be loved by their one and only woman. Love is the requirement that is crucial for ninety percent of men, while the rest would happy agree on simple care and respect from their woman.

There was a story than a pretty handsome man who was the owner of a few companies has met an amazing woman he fell in love with her, and she was happy to marry him, the only problem for her was the fact that she didn’t love him, while he couldn’t imagine marriage without love, that is why they broke up, she couldn’t lie to him and say the things she wasn’t feeling, this way she realized how important it is for a man not only to love, but to be loved as well.RUSIAn sex girls

The next important requirement for a man is beauty, though the American understanding of beauty a bit differs women from the Russian one, as they believe that beauty is mostly the absence of ugly features, than being up to some beauty standards. Russian women who know how to take care of their selves, who are dressed according to the latest fashion, are one hundred percent sure beautiful for the foreigners.

A friend of mine has on e mentioned that he never seen at least one Russian woman who wouldn’t be absolutely stunning, he also mentioned that an average Russian woman is able to shame each of the most famous models in America. Being in Russia is same feeling as being a child and going to cake factory. So if being at least somehow attractive, it is no wonder to hear all the time compliments and how pretty you really are.

The other very important requirement is being feminine, absolutely all foreigners who looked for a wife in the Slavic countries, are looking for a very feminine lady as their women are mostly into their career and business, that is why often they forget about their men and even children, while looking for their own place “under the sun” they completely forget what it means to depend on their man and need him around. The essence of men in their life comes important only in the matter when they want to have children of their own, and that’s pretty much it. Well of course there is love and so on, but if woman is literally able to continue living without her man, than it will not be too difficult for her to bring end to her marriage. While getting used to “compete” with men in their career, it is very hard for women to come home and not do the same thing with their spouses.