The tips of understanding Ukrainian women

Hello everyone. I would like to share the happy-ending story about how I have met my future wife. I registered on the site, because I was really interested in happiness, I was sick and tired of constant failures, moreover, because of my business I had no time to look for the love. In general I always treated the acquaintances on the Internet positively, but for different reasons postponed registration. As a result, after looking through the ratings of sites, I registered on

While corresponding I also met some cynics, which further undermined my faith … And to be honest, sometimes I felt despair … But always remember: “who is looking for, will always find what is needed”. There were hopes for a happy meeting, readiness for a serious relationship, a desire to work on myself and a clear understanding of the most important features of the person with whom I wished to be happy. But one day I met really special person. For the first time we saw each other’s profiles a month ago. We wrote off the mail and immediately scheduled an appointment. I was looking for serious relationship and my future wife was looking for love. After couple of weeks of daily correspondence we decided to go on the first date. Pretty face, bright eyes, bright smile, I realized that those girl was worth paying attention to. But, as I moved from Serbia, for me it was hard to understand Ukrainian woman, and then on the website I found some tips of understanding Ukrainian women.

Women’s psychology is a thing more difficult than a higher mathematics, most men will agree with this statement. For centuries, philosophers, writers, psychologists, men of different professions, ages, nationalities puzzled over how to understand a woman, and they can not comprehend all the wisdom of the female psychology and logic. And if you do not take a woman as a mixture of inflatable dolls and a food processor, then surely you care what she thinks and feels.

understanding Ukrainian women

Sometimes, to understand a woman, you need to:

  • learn to think like a woman;
  • try “to squeeze into her skin” and make some of her daily deals;
  • become a bit medium, to learn to recognize the signals that every woman generously sends to her beloved men.

So it will be much easier to find the key to women’s hearts and minds, to comprehend the psychology of women.

What qualities you need to understand a woman?

To understand a woman, you need to possess the following qualities and character traits:

  • Respect for the fairer sex, ranging from close to you women (mothers, grandmothers, beloved, sister) to the strange old lady in public transport.
  • Developed intuition. It often helps out when you need to understand what your beloved woman really wants, those things that she does not speak directly.
  • Broad-minded and ability to learn – this is necessary in any situation.
  • But with the reason, of course, because you just need to understand a woman, rather than transform into her.
  • Patience – it’s the quality in relationships with the opposite sex is simply irreplaceable.
  • Selfish men do not even try to understand the feelings and desires of the other person, because they just spit on it.
  • Kindness – the evil and cruel men can be incredibly smart, so they can easily unraveling women’s hints, but only because of the defects of his character to respond to them, they do not want to please the girl.

To understand what a woman wants is not so difficult, because each of lady needs:

  • It should be expressed both in words and in deeds.
  • You have to take care of his woman every day, because she is doing it for you: laundry, cooking, mending clothes, maintain cleanliness in the home, treats during illness, etc.