How not to get deceived

In the world being connected by a global network it is obvious that there will be a lot of people who are trying to get benefits from fraud and deception, as it happens in other spheres of our life as well. One of the most dangerous and popular ways of scamming is through online dating. There is an article on our website that makes clear the characteristics that will help you detect a possible dating scam. Here we want you to be informed about the ways of how to avoid being deceived.

Russian scam problem is recognized as one of the most formidable threats worldwide. It is true that it is very easy to get deceived by a scam of Russian origin. However, there are still some basic guidelines that will help you avoid it, of course, if you follow them.

The number one risk is associated with the personal data. There should be no compromise on the exchange of your personal data. For this end, it must only be given to the website where you register yourself. There is no way that you should give your personal data to the third parties. The consequences of such imprudent actions can be implication in some sort of fraud and the persecution by authorities as they will think that you perpetrated a crime, whilst it was only your data that was used to protect the scams. Beware this! Another similar problem is regarding the personal data related to your bank accounts or the way you carry out your payments and transactions. Well, this issue is far more complicated because normally people cannot use third parties credit cards to perform payments. If the security system happens breached by hackers, they might gain access to your bank account details.

To minimize the risks of losing the money from your bank account, one should use secure payment methods, for instance, through Money bookers or PayPal. Thereby, you can transfer your money to the agency that you are dealing with.

Another advice is to select carefully those websites that you trust. is a useful tool, if you want to get some basic information about the website. Generally speaking, if we are talking about dating Russian women, we are referring to the Russian or Ukrainian websites which implies that you should be very cautious. The best way is to deal with a website which is located in your country or somewhere in the West, but still there are many cases of scamming.about dating Russian women

In addition to that has been previously said, we can add that you should chat very carefully with a woman on any website, regardless of her nationality and the origin of the website. This is not aimed at making you feel that every single woman is fake or trying to deceive you. Of course not! The only thing we wish is just to warn you and not to relax until you are totally sure that, firstly, you are talking with a real person, and, secondly, if she is real, you should be confident that it will be your true girlfriend or wife and not another knave. In order to check the first one, try not to follow the logical line of her messages, i.e. if she wants you to tell her about your family, for instance, just reply something like it is not the time to talk about it, or similar sort of things. A better way would be to ask her to video-chat with you, so that you can see that she is real. The second part of finding out her intentions is completely up to you. However, there are also some basic advices laid out on this website.

The final note is that online dating scams is a big problem today, but if you try to carefully follow the indicated guidelines you will minimize the risks of being deceived.