Russian women take care as a must.

Eric Smith, 38 years old designer of interior, New York

Yes, I admit that i have dated women from Eastern Europe. And that was a very pleasant experience. It is interesting to communicate with them on all the possible topics, with a person whose views upon life differ very much from your own ones. There is definitely something special about the physical appearance of Russian women. They have a very sensual and natural radiating beauty, starting with the shape of their bodies, style and finishing with the sexy accent. They are very, and very attractive. I know a few Russian names: Tatyana, Inna, Olga, Ekaterina, Anastasia, Victoria, Irina and lately i met Oksana.

I think that if a man is looking for a wife who would become his partner for life, than Slavic women are exactly the women those men should concentrate upon. They are submissive, loyal, honest, open to entertainment, travelling, they really have an idea about good food, enjoy restaurants and the most important thing, they are able to enjoy simple things. I am being very serious when is say that i would consider a serious relationship only with a woman who is originally from Eastern Europe. And eventually one day i would marry a woman from Russia or Ukraine. I am not hurrying about it, as i know that God has a plan for all of us, and one day i will meet my soul mate.

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But while being a very honest and straightforward person i should also point the things i am worried about. My greatest fear about Russian girls ( i would call it my weak point) is the fact that they take everything for granted. I have not heard a lot of words of gratefulness, as well as i haven’t felt a lot that the girls I dated from that region appreciate my good attitude towards them, my desire to make them happy. Maybe it is my own experience. Or maybe i should change my own attitude about it, and realize that this is a normal thing that really is supposed to be granted, and there is nothing special about the fact that a loving person is showing love and care towards loved ones. I know for sure that the risk is worthy, but next time i would do something else beside the things i was doing before in the relation, in order to make sure that our feelings are mutual.

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I want my relationship to work from both sides. I do not demand anything special, maybe some candle light dinner prepared to the time when i get back from work, or an offer to escape somewhere for the weekend, or making some small trip somewhere just for two of us. I love being surprised and want to be with the person who would be able to surprise me. Plus a bit of gratefulness would not damage as well. As about the matter with children, of course i would want a few of them and i guess i would love my children to speak languages of their both parents and to be as highly educated as i will be able to afford. I am sure it will serve them great in the future, and of course that would help during visits to their mother’s relatives, as for me family is on the first place, same as for Russian women. No one ever said that it will be easy with them, as it is always difficult with a gorgeous woman who is perfectly aware of the way she looks and impression she makes, but i can certainly say it is worthy.