Rules to Live by in On-Line Dating: Never Take it Personal or How to Cope with Rejection

The title of the present article can seem ridiculous to you. How a dating cannot be taken personally, if dating is something that is connected to your personal life? How looking for a life-time partner and true love can be not personal if it touches your heart?
However, no matter how weird it can seem, when you look for a soul mate on-line, you need to always bare in mind that it is not about you, well, at least not for some time. Some people, who have tried looking for a second half on-line, came to the conclusion that this search in the cyber space is not for them, that they are just not right for this sort of dating. Some people don’t think their pictures are appealing, some cannot put two words together into a romantic letter; some get no results from sending winks, flirts and using advantage of other icebreakers. Sometimes all of these ‘efforts’ are just simply rejected.
If you are the one from the row of people having now success with on-line dating, you need to work harder on your profile and get it ‘right’ and ask for your close people take pictures of you showing you from the most advantageous angle. Always remember that having no success on the dating site is a temporary thing. If things don’t work out and personals don’t share your feeling of attraction, never take it personally.
In reality, you can’t really know why the girl or guy is not interested in you. There can be thousands of reasons, she or he may have different interests, have an allergy to a cat and you have a Scottish Fold kitten at home, or maybe at the moment the person is dating someone and needs time to see how things will develop, etc. All this has nothing to do with you. Always think she or he has other things going on or … they are just not your type.