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The climate of Odessa is moderate, we would say. Obviously, it cannot be compared to the soft and warm climates of the Mediterranean countries, like the south of Italy or Spain, but for the moderate climate countries it is actually a treasure place. The history of the city dates back to the XVIII century when the Russian Empire conquered the Eastern and Southern parts of the modern Ukraine because previously these lands belonged to the Ottoman Empire. The new name, given to the recently acquired territories, was New Russia. However, we did not mention the name of Spain and its climate accidently, as the city of Odessa did not exist at all. It was founded by the Spaniard, De Rivas. There is still a street called after his name, the De Rivas street (Deribassovskaya). So, he as a representative of the classic soft and hot temperament, was responsible for bringing here that Spanish type of character.

The small town then evolved into one of the key port cities of the empire and later on of the USSR and the Ukraine. So, as the original settlers (at least until the territories were conquered) were the Turks with their peculiar Eastern beauty. This was passed on to the coming generations, even when it became part of Russia. However, then we should also keep in mind that Odessa remained a very important port city of the coast of the Black Sea which meant that a lot of people from all over the world were coming here either to start a new life or just passing by. Nevertheless, all of these people left their traits in the genetic composition of the Odessa people, and particularly Odessa women. The beauty of the Ukrainian girls is adored worldwide, but the special part which is always highlighted, is the Odessa women.

Odessa women

So, it is a truly wonderful city not only to visit, but to come looking for your only love for the rest of your life. Do not be shy or uncertain. Our team of professionals is constantly online to provide you with the best service possible. You are not likely to encounter with problems on our website, http://odessa-beautifuls.com . Just be confident in yourself. Odessa women like to see confident men who can protect them and stand by when it is really needed.

Now, to make things a bit brighter, we would like to encourage you by telling a very nice love story which happened on our website. One very important note, it did not happen a long time ago, we would even call it, relatively fresh.

Tony Blunbrotkenkrend was a lonely man from the north of Norway. He is used to harsh climate and can endure many things. However, there was still one thing which he could not bear and was losing strength trying to fight it off – loneliness. Unlike the stereotypes that Nordic men and women are tough due to Vikings’ origins, he is very romantic and soft. However, he tried to marry three times in his life. The first time he married was to a Norwegian woman who broke his heart just within the first two years. The second wife was from Sweden and also broke his heart quickly. The latest attempt was with a Spanish woman, but she kept flirting to men even after their marriage and once he found her in a company of three men just their bed at home. He was so frustrated that he came to the point in life when he was even thinking about committing suicide. However, he was lucky to register on our website. Within a few months, he found a good Odessa beauty who was also looking for a man who she could build her family with. Here we go. The two searching hearts found each other and now live in the south of Spain, raising their two beautiful children. Do not miss your opportunity of overcoming the shackles of loneliness and its bitterness.