How to Meet Girls in Poltava


Practically every man dreams of meeting a Russian or Ukrainian woman. These women are gorgeous, adventurous, like to have fun, but they are definitely more than that, just like any other girls. If you want to do your best dating a Ukrainian woman, follow these easy steps.

Look in the right places. You have higher chances to meet girls in Poltava, if you go to the places where they are most likely to be. Here is where you can start your search:

  • Visit Ukraine, Poltava
  • Visit former Soviet union countries
  • Find places in the states with large immigrants communities (New York, New Jersey, etc.) and join them
  • Check out Russian restaurants in your city
  • Check out on-line dating websites/look for beautiful women photographs/look for Russian names there

Learn to spot a Ukrainian woman by her appearance. This will save your time when you find the right place for meeting Ukrainian ladies. For sure it is not a 100% precise scheme, but it can help, watch for the following signs:

  • Overdressed ladies. Ukrainian women like dressing well even for a casual coffee out. Look for high hills, tight jeans, leggings and sparkling tops.
  • High heels. Ukrainian women love high heels and showing their legs.
  • Groomed hair and stylish make up.
  • Not smiling much every chance she gets. Though Ukraine women are very friendly and have awesome sense for humor, it takes time to win their trust and see them frequently smiling to people.

Learn to ‘detect’ a woman is Ukrainian by what she says

As a rule, when you start a conversation a Ukrainian lady would say where she comes from in a matter of first 5 minutes. These women take big pride for who they are and where they come from. If your lady doesn’t tell you this directly, here are some hints she is from Ukraine:

  • Asks about New year’s plans and it is summer outside
  • Talks much about her family and how she loves all her dear people
  • If she prefers vodka
  • She constantly mentions her dad is an amazing man
  • She plays piano like a professional, has been dancing or doing gymnastics in childhood
  • She like watching hockey or soccer or both
  • Talks about things having ‘soul’
  • Shakes her head and rolls her eyes at something Western people dolivedatingfree

Choose the right approach

  • Be confident. Ukrainian women are attracted to confident men. So, stay confident of who you are and what you do when you meet a Ukrainian lady.
  • Be capable. This means you take care for yourself and show you are useful around the house. A Ukrainian woman doesn’t want to waste her time on educating you.
  • Have sense of humor.  This is true about any woman you meet. Boring, grumpy and sad people are not interesting to be with.
  • Show a bit of your soft and sensitive side. Once your Ukrainian lady is sure you are confident, capable and possess great sense of humor, it is time you are the one with deeper emotions. This can be talks about your family, your siblings, pets, etc.)

Show your love and respect for her homeland

  • Distinguish between Ukrainian and Russian culture. It is quite complicated. From you is enough to have a respect to whether your lady calls herself Russian or Ukrainian. This happened historically that some women residing in Ukraine consider themselves Ukrainian and some Russians.
  • Learn her language. Be sure your woman will be truly impressed.
  • Develop a fondness of Slavic/Ukrainian cuisine. It is important to know some key dishes so you and your beloved could cook together one day.
  • Learn to understand Russian superstitions and customs. Knowing this you will get many bonus points when you meet girls in Poltava.
  • Respect Ukrainian culture

And the last, but not the least, make your Ukrainian woman feel special. These women are used to attention and you will have to learn what it takes to capture Ukrainian woman’s heart.