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DSC_5056Traditional values

The hectic pace of today’s life makes us change regardless of whether we want to change or not. The roles of men and women have been mixed up as they both work side by side and do pretty the same tasks. Of course, such situation provides many advantages like equal opportunities for women and men as well as financial independence. But what if once you wake up and realize that the life is passing you by and something important is missing?

Probably it’s worth changing your lifestyle – sometimes it’s even worth changing it dramatically.

If you feel lonely and do not want to create a family with a typical Western woman – you are not alone, my friend. More and more Western men share your thoughts and do their best to find a wife from abroad!

Filipina beauty

Philippines can be called the most attractive place for American and European men who are seeking for a faithful and beautiful girl willing to become a wife and a mother. It’s not a secret that gender imbalance and general low living standards make Filipina women look for a partner from abroad.

Therefore Western men and Asian women share the values and the goals – they both prefer a traditional family model and they are both interested in having children and leading a normal family life.

Natural division of duty

It’s a normal thing in any traditional society that a man earns money and a woman takes care of the house and children. Emancipated women from the West disagree – they want to be independent, have a job and build career. Actually, they have the right to do so as we live in the free world.

But then it’s not surprising that men try to find a wife in other countries and even continents. Filipina women are great housewives who really like sitting with kids and keeping the house. They do not want to find a job unless it’s absolutely necessary and they will never try to take the leadership in the family. That’s a pleasure for a Filipina lady when her man takes decisions. Actually, that’s a pleasure for any man too.


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Frankly speaking, Philippines are a very affordable resort for any Western man. But sometimes money is not everything we need and there is simply no time to travel there and pick up a girl personally.

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