Dating Singapore Malay ladies

My story is simple. 13 years ago my wife was tragically killed, with whom I lived in a happy marriage for 24 years. At first I did not try to get acquainted with anyone, but the years passed, the children grew up and left my father’s house, I was left alone.

I first I had to understand that life was not over, and even I did not want to meet old age alone. That’s the children who advised me to register on your, they told that it was the most serious online dating platform.

After many attempts and errors nine months later, I finally met the best woman. Then we lived in different cities, but it did not scare me. Now we are live together and we are happy. I am infinitely grateful to you for participating in our destiny. Only a lazy person will not find what he wants.

In turn, we wish all users of the website to find their happiness. Many are embarrassed by registering on the site, inventing pseudonyms, decreasing age, etc. At the first meeting, everything will open up, and a bitter sludge will remain, from the series “you deceive in small – you will deceive and big”. In this adult “game” you have to go with an open “visor”, otherwise nothing will come out. And you need to be afraid of only one thing – LONELINESS.

Dating Singapore Malay is not an easy task, and man should make all the efforts to win the girl’s heart.

First of all, you should show your intentions. There are two main reasons for this:

  • The girl wants to know that you will not blame her for her sexual desires. After all, if you are afraid of seducing her, she thinks that you are waiting for the princess. And since she just wants good sex and relationships and does not want to be a princess, it’s easier for her to find another male who will also want sexual relationships.
  • She’s just afraid that you do not want her in sexual way, and treat her simply as a friend. And if she doesn’t see your clear intentions, it’s easier for her to refuse you. Start to touch her on the first date. Or start talking like she’s already your girlfriend. And let her begin to take away your hand! Despite her refusal (which, by the way, is done for the sake of propriety), you will be able to show your intention. And if you are a little interesting to her, then she will come for the second and third date with you.


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Also some more advice, how to behave on the first date. The rules of conduct on the first date with the girl, we will present in a separate list. Here it is:

  • If you failed, do not get upset and especially do not show aggression;
  • Try to be original in your statements and actions, and therefore, use less commonplace phrases;
  • Unusual approaches surprise, sometimes even shock and break stereotypes;
  • Discard thoughts of possible silly acts on your part during your acquaintances. They will be performed less and less often as the fear of women disappears;
  • Keep calm and self-confidence, even if it is your ostentatious state. More practice and everything will be fine;
  • Do not forget to feed female ambition;
  • Be polite, courteous, give compliments;
  • Give a romantic character to communication and your own image;
  • Tell the romantic story (fantastic or real) that happened to you recently;
  • Observe personal space and do not impose on girl, also be tactful and delicate;
  • Act confidently and almost spontaneously, based on your own discernment;
  • The girl does not consider you a hypocrite if you behave respectfully and with respect not only to her, but also to the people around you. Forget about your own selfishness;
  • Talk to the girl on the first date in a measured way, slowly;
  • Set out thoughts in a simple way.

These are the main advice how to win girl’s heart.

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