Dating Rules: Do’s

The dating has never been an easy task: the first date makes you feel awkward; the second date is usually very much anticipated and the dates after the first present thousands of opportunities for mistakes, missteps and blunders. The arrangement, planning and preparation for the date can also cause a true head ache for anyone. Consider dating as the game and follow the rules of the game to be the winner.
So, what to do at the dating?
Do be punctual and try to look your best. If you are late or you look messy will show you don’t care.
Enjoy yourself on a date. Sometimes dating can be scary and you can feel all the responsibility for finding your soul mate, but indeed it is supposed to bring you fun.
Do make compliments to your date. Usually men and women get well-prepared for the date and if they hear they look great, it will mean their efforts were not in vain.
Be interested and interesting. Ask questions, pay attention to details, be attentive listener, etc.
In case you are not interested in seeing a person again tell this directly, lying in this situation because you are scared or uncomfortable to tell the truth is selfish. – Online Dating vs Offline Dating
Stay positive, even if the outcome of the date is not what you have been expecting.
Date people you are attracted to disregards if your peers will approve or disapprove your choice.
Do plan your date in advance. Successful dating requires time, creativity and energy from your side.
Be proactive in your search the man or a woman of your dreams, won’t just drop up and ask for a dinner.
Do find like-minded people with positive spirit, who are in for dating too. Thus dating will be motivated and you can celebrate your victories together or discuss why some things didn’t work out. To be successful in dating and find true love you need emotional support.