Dating Rules: Don’ts

Dating can get much tensed and bring you many troubles if you don’t know how to behave on a date whether it is first or following after it. The following don’ts will help you to avoid awkward and unpleasant situations in your dating experience.
Don’t call or send SMSes more than once a day to a person you just met, unless it is mutual or in case of emergency. Your desperation can serve a major turn off for the person you’ve started dating.
Don’t date people, who caused you troubles or made you feel bad in the past. People tend to be attracted to such people, but it is better to break these patterns and start looking for a healthy relationship.
Don’t be late for a date. Thus, you show your utter disrespect or disinterest to a person. This is simply rude. If you have changes in plans let your date know about this. If you are late, always apologize.
Never lie about yourself or any aspect of your life as this can ruin your relationship with a potential life-time partner in future.
Don’t tell too much about yourself in the beginning. This is one of the major turnoffs!
Don’t be too available. People, who are free every evening, seem to have no things to be done and become not interesting dates. Individuals with exciting lives make up the perfect dates.
Don’t get drunk on a date. This is too rude! Good manners will bring you further than you might think!
Never check out other ‘variants’ on your date. You may think you are doing this inconspicuously, but it is usually not so. When you will stare at another cute individual, your date will be gone.
Don’t date a married person. Statistics show, married people very rare abandon their husbands or wives and their families. Don’t take part in lies, sadness and deceit!
Don’t ignore your safety on a date and always carry a charged cell phone with you.
Don’t give your private information like home phone number or address; keep this information until you trust the person you are dating with.
Never have sex on the first date. If you really like a person, sex on the first day can ruin everything.