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Dating as a Gay Man Using Hookup Sites

If you are a gay male who has just come out or simply trying to find a gay dating partner, it’s important to understand the dos and don’ts of dating as a gay man. There is no one common rule about how to go about dating a gay man. Everyone is different so there isn’t one set of rules for everyone.

The following are some dos and don’ts when looking for a gay dating relationship:

  • Use dating services. Gay online hookup blogs are all about finding like-minded people. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of free and paid gay dating sites are geared towards hookup dating. They don’t give you the tools you need to find local gay guys. Instead, most of these sites cater to those looking to find local gay guys who are also members of the same cougar dating services that you probably aren’t already a member of.
  • Use the power of internet networking. There are dozens of gay social network sites out there and many of them have the capability to match you with local gay men in your area. Using these sites as a starting point is the best way to go because they are designed for gay dating first and foremost. They are also free to join so it’s worth joining even if it means missing out on the first few profiles that interest you.
  • Grindr and Tango are the programs you’ll want to use if you’re looking for local gay men. Grindr is a mobile-based Grindr application where you “Grindr” the person in question and see their profile and photos. Tango is a web-based gay web app where you can find local gay men in your area through recommendations from other Tango users. These apps connect you with gay men in your immediate vicinity, so you can set up meetings right away or get to know the man of your dreams before you travel.
  • When you travel, try using video call. Video calls are a great way to get to know someone without having to be physically present. If you can’t make a video call on your phone, don’t worry, you can still make quality video calls from most any camera that has an optical zoom. It will help to put on your favorite perfume before you begin the video call so you don’t smell any odor on the other person. Once you’ve made your video call, the two of you can look at each other and smile to each other while waiting for the connection to process before the two of you can actually talk.

The best tip about hook-ups and Grindr is that many of them happen in the first hour of meeting. Guys will usually pick up the phone to schedule a face-to-face date after the first few Grindr hook-ups. If you go out three times a week and go to the same gay bar three times a week, you’ll have already met a dozen guys!