Chicago Women at Present Day

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Women in the United States of America have made big advances in every field. How far have Chicago women really come?

If compared to the earlier days of the USA history, take America in its 60s, for instance, women where not working at certain professions even if they really wanted this. Some professions were not approved by the society to be female. So, some sort of discrimination was felt at that time.

Today women from al the US territory are free to choose any profession they like. And here comes an interesting part, although more doors are open for American women today there is still a level above which women do not rise. The so-called ‘ceiling made of glass’. There are very few women, who get at the very top of their occupational fields.

Women, who are quite successful in their careers, face limitations. Some places still remain a men’s club. And maybe it is better to be so. Since with the progress in many fields of life women started losing their feminine side, they are no longer weak creatures of whom men want to take care, but strong and independent individuals, who want to be equal and consequently start behaving and being treated as men.

As Chicago women have gradually become leaders in their professions – business, law, medicine, etc. they also have undertaken the physically strenuous jobs.  Modern women work as police officers, coal miners, firefighters, sanitation workers and much more. Today these women have earned acceptance and respect from their male colleagues.

Status of a woman has risen in the American society through years. Women have advanced professionally and started redefining their image. Now an American woman can achieve status and financial security by her self and not depending on her husband. However, these women never achieved an economical equality with the US men. Since many of the women are often raising children on their own, the rates of poverty are higher among the female population. Despite the success of women in professional filed the earning power of women is still considerably lower then by men. In the modern families two partners usually bring wages home. In some fields you can clearly see the discrimination when a newly arrived male worker will receive the same salary with the woman working in this filed for 5 years and even more.

Chicago women, as well as the rest women of the U.S., are paying a high price trying to balance between career and family. More and more women of today get under this pressure.

Do you think these changes where for the best?!