Changes you will notice after marrying a Ukrainian woman

Everyone knows that marriage is a huge change, but it can be even a bigger change if you are marrying someone from a foreign country. You were raised in a certain way, and the Ukrainian woman whom you love was raised in a different manner. Clash of cultures is bound to happen, but that’s what makes your life with a Ukrainian wife more interesting.


This article will tell you about some of the changes you will notice in your life after you have married a Ukrainian lady. You are bound to be more prepared after reading it, so it won’t come off as a total surprise.

  1. First big change you will notice will be regarding your kitchen. It will seem to be livelier. You will notice more kitchen appliances and utensils. Your Ukrainian bride will also stock up on food. If you are used to your fridge being empty, it will change greatly once you’ve married a Ukrainian lady.
  1. You will notice that your house seems to be cleaner. Why is that? Ukrainian wives love to walk around the house noticing what needs to be cleaned or rearranged. They will dust the house and clean anything they find dirty. They are very tidy and they don’t like living in filth. That’s why your Ukrainian wife will make your house look a lot cleaner than it used to be.
  1. How many times have you been looking for a light bulb because your old one isn’t working anymore? How many times have you noticed that you have none? Yeah, all the time. Life with a Ukrainian bride changes it all. You will notice that certain household items can always be found and that you will never have any problems with finding any of them.
  1. Ukrainian ladies are known for enjoying scented candles and incense. You should probably get used to it. If you don’t like the smell, come to some kind of an arrangement with her, because she will love using it.
  1. Your house will become a livelier place. Ukrainian ladies like flowers, souvenirs, paintings and anything which can brighten up the place. Expect your house to look a lot different than to what you are used to. That doesn’t necessarily mean that change is a bad thing, but if you don’t like it, try finding middle ground with your Ukrainian bride.
  1. You will notice that some things magically reappear in different parts of the house. This is because Ukrainian women like to keep things in order. They have a place for everything, and if it is out of place, they will certainly return it back there.



  1. Ukrainian women are big fans of music. It might be something traditional from Ukraine, maybe classic or rock, maybe something modern. Whatever it is, you will be sure to hear it throughout the house. Your Ukrainian wife will listen to the music whilst tidying up the room, while exercising or when relaxing. If you are not a big fan try talking to her about headphones.
  1. Your old clothes will become useful. This has a lot to do with the fact that she was born in a former Soviet Republic. People in those times had to make ends meet and they did all sorts of things in order to save. One of the things is to use old clothes to dust off the furniture or to clean the floor. You will notice that your torn t-shirt is now used for cleaning the furniture and that your old boxer shorts serve for cleaning the floor.

Marriage is a fun change, it is something everyone anticipates and looks forward to. When you marry a Ukrainian woman you will notice some changes around the hose pretty quick, the others will come a bit later, but what matters is that the biggest change will be within yourself – you will become happy.

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